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The American Charters of Freedom

Transcript of the Declaration of Independence
History of the Declaration of Independence
The United States Constitution
The Constitution-Original Transcript
Amendments I-X (1-10)
Amendments XI-XXVII (11-27)
Notes on the 19th Amendment
Q and A on the Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Preamble to the Bill of Rights
History of the Constitution
Founding Fathers of the United States
History – Virginia Declaration of Rights
High Resolution Images of Documents

The Statue of Liberty

More Web Resources for the Constitution of the United States of America

Bill of Rights in the United States of America – The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, adopted as a single unit on Dec. 15, 1791.
The Constitution & The Supreme Court – – How the U.S. Supreme Court shape our lives through the Bill of Rights: a living document.
The Constitution of the United States – From Thomas Historical Documents.
Constitution of the United States – DHTMLKitchen – DHTML website for the Constitution of the United States. Articles and amendments are cross-referenced and cross-linked. The Declaration of Independence is also found here. – The entire text of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, with details about other facets of American government.
U.S. Constitution – Searchable text at Emory University, including the texts of amendments never ratified, and other U.S. founding documents.
U.S. Constitution – At the National Archives and Records Administration
U.S. Constitution – The text of the Constitution and Amendments and a comment/question area/FAQ.
U.S. Constitution – At Cornell University. Loads very quickly.
US Constitution Resource Centre – An annotated constitution text with thousands of web links and book references arranged by constitution line. Free off-line study guide.
U.S. Constitution Search – Search the Constitution.
U.S. Constitution: Text / Accessibility Version – A highly accessible version of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rest of the Amendments. Takes advantage of modern browsers but can be used text only.
We the People: An American Constitution – To celebrate the Constitution, a group of online columnists take quick and witty looks at America’s founding document as seen by historians, liberals, conservatives, and gardeners. Explore other views, resources, and arguments on the Constitution through the links and discussion threads.
Amendments granting new powers to Congress – A list of amendments with clauses that grant new powers to congress, along with some commentary.
American Constitutional Law Foundation – Private, non-profit group dedicated to research and education, encouraging popular understanding of constitutional republican government and the U.S. Constitution.
The Avalon Project : The American Constitution – A Documentary Record – Hyperlinked index of sites/documents that contribute to understanding the roots of the American Constitution.
The Beacon of Liberty – Monthly newsletter by subscription offering a structured curriculum of constitutional study. Books, historical reference, subject and order information.
Constitution Day – Activities and lessons for learning about the Constitution, and the people and the process that created it .
Constitution Forum Frigate – Discussion forum and live chat devoted to the US Constitution.
The Constitution of the United States of America – Analysis and Interpretation. Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States.
The Constitution of the United States of America – Information site containing The Constitution of the United States of America.
Constitution Society – Extensive collection of books, articles, and tools. The organizers are an interest group promoting compliance with, and promotion of principles of, constitutional republicanism.
Constitutional Nonsense and Titles of Nobility – An article that in detail explains why the “missing 13th amendment” is a myth, and why fringe groups claim it exists.
Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention – Collection contains Printed broadsides offering an account of America’s struggle for nationhood.
An Exposition of the Constitution of the United States – 1874 text by Henry Flanders.
The Founders Constitution – Anthology on writings of founders of the government from the early seventeenth century to the 1830s. Indexes, search and themes.
Ghost Amendment: The Thirteenth Amendment that Never Was – History of a pro-slavery constitutional amendment proposed by Congress in 1861.
National Center for Constitutional Studies – Advocating an interpretation of the Constitution, which they believe accords with original intent. Study courses, newsletters, and seminars.
The National Constitution Center – Web presence of the National Constitution center. Explores ways the Constitution has transformed America through its framework, and what the Constitution means for individuals.
Polybius and the Founding Fathers: the separation of powers – Polybius’ influence on the Founding Fathers and separation of powers in the United States Constitution.
Project 13 – Site of the TONA Committee of Correspondence, which argues that a thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution dealing with Titles of Nobility and Honours was ratified Mar. 12, 1819 and then subsequently “lost.”
The Real Titles of Nobility Amendment FAQ – “Exposing extremist lies about the ‘Missing Thirteenth Amendment.'” – A collection of articles on a variety of legal issues including “missing” amendments to the US Constitution.
The U.S. Constitution: Founding Fathers – Biographical information about the men who created the U.S. Constitution.
US Constitution Resource Centre – Full constitution text with web links and book references by line of constitution. Comprehensive sorted links. Free off-line study guide.

More Web Resources for the Declaration of Independence

Account of a Declaration – Jefferson’s account of the circumstances leading to the Declaration of Independence. From his Autobiography.
Declaration of Independence – View and sign the Declaration of Independence. Includes the Bill of Rights and links to other American historical documents.
The Declaration Of Independence – Includes a study guide and links from a conservative point of view.
The Declaration of Independence – HTML etext, annotated, with references cross-linked to the Encyclopedia of the Self.
The Declaration of Independence – Includes biographies of the signers, scans, handwriting samples, and links.
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America – Includes images, transcription, and analytical articles.
Declaration of Independence Today – Resources for studying and understanding the Declaration of Independence both as a historic document as well as a prophetic parallel to where America is today.
Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents – Library of Congress exhibit featuring documentary evidence of the people and events leading to the Declaration of Independence, including the only fragment of the earliest draft of the Declaration.
History and Transcript of the Declaration of Independence – Learn about the history of the Declaration and read the entire Transcript.
Patriot Print Shoppe – Sells a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence based upon the William Stone engraving of 1823.
Teaching the Declaration of Independence. ERIC Digest. – Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name dealing with ways that instructors can teach the Declaration of Independence.
The U.S. Declaration of Independence – Full text in HTML format.

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American Military Deaths in Iraq
Since war began: 831
Died in Combat: 615
Since 5/1/2003: 692
Died in Combat: 505
Total wounded:
Since war began: 4704

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US Casualties in Operation Iraqi FreedomOperation Iraqi Freedom
US Casualties in Operation Enduring FreedomOperation Enduring Freedom

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